TALKING POINTS from Potential Client to Designer

STYLE: Your personality and ambience

DESIGN: With your heart. Is the kitchen a symbol or your soul?

FASCINATION: Fibonacci Numbers and 62% Golden Proportion

HEALTH: From infants to infirmed

TRADITIONAL: Classical without cliché.  A sense of comfort and a feeling of homecoming.

MODERN: New Shapes, Variety. Unique or unprecedented innovation.

FUNCTION: Custom for user and site.

FORM: Movement and Vitality. Not staid

PHILOSOPHY: Eliminate Predictable, Boring, Sterile

METHODOLOGY: Time is an ally. We sell no kitchen before its time.

DREAMS: You never thought you could have and forgot about.

  1. My personal style. I don’t see it in magazines. I don’t see it in door styles. Do you have anything that is one-of-a-kind that might lead to a second?
  2. The ambience I want to feel deep down in my heart could be bright and cheery with light colors. Kind of like Scandinavian. Or, maybe dark and sexy suits my intensions. Medium tones might satisfy a real estate agent, but I should get what I love. If I sell this place, there is a good chance the buyer will have a similar taste where the kitchen is the feature.
  3. Money should not be an issue in finding my soul in cabinetry. I’m not trying to impress anyone with over-the-top decoration or appliances. On the other hand, maybe showing off is me. Help me spend my money wisely.
  4. Fibonacci Numbers and 62% Golden Rectangle, I’ve learned are essential to eye-pleasing design.   Cabinet proportions and placement are similar to the beauty found in Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘David’, the Taj Mahal and Cathedral of Notre Dame.
  5. Feng Shui, Biophilic design, Universal design and Living in Place all relate to my well-being. Please show me.
  6. Traditional kitchens are inviting and timeless. If it is going to be classically traditional then I am going to challenge you to eliminate the clichés.
  7. Modern ideas may be what my family wants. Not necessarily steel and glass, but not plain. An architect recently said: “Less is not more. Less is a bore.” Mondrian, Picasso and Kandinsky offered new shapes, unique and unprecedented innovations. What’s in your portfolio?
  8. Functionality is priority, of course. The quirks in my kitchen have baffled me. Can you make custom, outside-the-box solutions?
  9. Form follows function, as in this check list. No matter the style – definitely not predictable or staid. Movement and vitality are paramount.
  10. Opinions are important. I might articulate concisely or be unsure of our new idea. You need to guide me with empathy and think through all the variations which will produce a more superior design.
  11. Time is an ally. Like wine, please don’t sell me a kitchen before it’s time.
  12. Completion of this project can be the dream kitchen I had forgotten about or never thought I could have.


  • I’ve seen that before. Give me something new (said the movie director).
  • I’ve been to many stores.  Yours is the first to have cabinets that talk to me and a salesperson who listens.
  • We were apprehensive in your freehand drawing and not using a computer.  Assuredly, we got more than what a computer could have given us.
  • We spent fully 50% more than originally planned and love every penny of it.
  • I would love to cook a meal in that kitchen.
  • I expected to do a simple, plain white, modern kitchen.  Your shapes have completely changed my mind. 
  • My reply: “These words are music to my ears.”