My husband and I bought a rundown pied-a-terre and Mark absolutely transformed it! Mark’s design skills and insights are impressive, and his people skills are great, too – important when dealing with contractors and building staff. We have been very happy clients and would be pleased to work with him again.
– E.S.

Mark accommodated my desire for a traditional “white” kitchen, yet not monotone, sterile or staid.
– M.K.

Cabinets, like family, are united in differing personalities in their individual function, shape and decoration.
The hood focal point has room to breathe.
The star cut out is proportionately placed on the cabinet as your eye is on your face.

What are we making, the Taj Mahal? Yes!
The center cabinet is a square flanked by golden rectangles.
Cabinets are more than mere boxes.

We satisfied the unique function at the window then fulfilled your dream for an updated kitchen in a 100 year old building.

This 100 year old townhouse kitchen is neither sterile, staid nor monochromatic. The materials give the impression of being collected over a period of time.

Double height cabinets look best when the top doors are either square or a vertical rectangle.

The 3-2-1 Fibonacci Sequence adds rhythm to the cabinet arrangement. When you go from point A to point B why do you want to see the same thing?

This eclectic mix of brick, reused and refinished butcher block, green slate, cherry wood and stainless steel offers a relaxed, textural ambiance.

The goal of this renovation was to create balance without mirror symmetry. The cabinets or their combinations in this composition are golden rectangles and squares. Proper proportion is confirmed by the crossing of the diagonal lines. One cabinet taller and deeper alludes to the height of the room without being overwhelming.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired the overhanging eaves. Cabinets in 62% Golden Proportion based on the Fibonacci sequence 1-2-3 provide movement to the focal point. The angled louvered cabinet is a Rosenhaus Design special.