Mark is one of the most innovative people I have encountered in our industry. He is a master at turning century old ideas and concepts into new designs from his own creative process. He is most eager to share his ideas with others so they can become more creative.
– D.N.







Sponge Bob
Once upon a time a creative mind illustrated a Biophilic story of Nature and weather.
We begin with a drop of rain watering the plant.
Howling winds of the billowing swerve and curved wall, in addition to the lightning zig zag doors effect the storm.
A rain cloud hood blows over as blue sky emerges in the cabinet glass.
The sun bursts forth culminating with the colorful rainbow leading to a pot of gold.
The cabinet arrangement creates movement and vitality.
On the right, horizontal sliding glass doors thrust into the corner precipitating tension with the golden rectangle. The flying shelf intersects with the semi-circular horizontal-opening tambour doors.
Then imagine the shelf as a fan blade pivoting from the corner casting the ‘sun’ over the scene.
The fun island has Spongebob Squarepants under the sink basin of water.
The dishwasher panel has etched glass simulating bubbles.
An R2D2 replica robotic garbage bin goes from kitchen to dining area and any-where its remote control sends it.

Swerve cabinet doors with space for any material: paint, wood, glass, mirror, metal, open.