Mark Rosenhaus was a delight to work with. He brings a level of intensity, focus and creativity you wouldn’t expect in kitchen design.
– W. H.

Mark was a teacher, mentor, and creative partner.
– P.M.

Bright and airy bathroom renovation with skylights and the tub specifically angled for the best view to nature. The custom blue tile design follows the ceiling angle.

Soaking Tub

Glass vessel with faucet out the wall.

Crown moulding ties the units together.

Curved cut in doors. Glass tile on floors and wall decoration.

Exposed modern faucet and glass bowl with historic shower body.

Whirling Squares based on Fibonacci numbers.

Before I met Mark Rosenhaus, I went to many stores but no cabinets talked to me nor did any salesperson listen.
– S.N.

Upon seeing my portfolio, the soon-to-be customer exclaimed: “Shapes!”
– C.N.

Sensuously proportioned curved doors showcase wine and glasses. Cross grain cherry wood delineates the drawers and a/c cover to continue the flowing lines of the composition. Brancusi’s ‘Bird In Flight’ inspires the movement.


Circles in squares swoop across the open shelves. Each box changes in size by 10% to produce variety.
When you go from point A to point B, why do you want to see the same thing? Thoughts of Van Gogh.

10 foot high ceiling provides plenty of custom designed shelving for books and personal objects. The center area generates an uplifting spirit so the wall unit does not overwhelm the room. The Guggenheim museum angles skyward.


Symbolizing the “bridging” of two families, guy wires provide the realistic support. The glass top ‘river’ has objects above and below ‘water’. The horizontal shelves recall the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, Chicago.

The home office basks in the morning sun. Cabinets in the Fibonacci Sequence: 1-2-3 align with the desk. The top shelf overhangs the unit similar to the Robie House. Counter tops are slate and fossil stone.

Cabinets to the ceiling are modified by the open space with a visual flow from heavy to light in the upper section and around again to the base cabinets. Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling Water

Entertaining double sided room divider with portholes on sliding doors, and a large swerve on the closet work from both the living and bed rooms. Free form Joan Miro painting provides enthusiasm.

Credenza with swerve door. Seat matches the couch on the opposite wall., but this is the better view. Custom wood table with wrought iron base.

7’ x 4’ glass tear drop with stainless steel base and attached at island.

Bedroom dresser with angled ends for ease of access into room.
The Quartzite counter and backsplash mimics the bed headboard.

‘Follow the yellow brick road’ egg shape area rug for my personal living room.
Swirls and movement as well as calm as seen in Picasso.