You displayed heroic patience answering all our questions. Moreover, your unique vision transformed the constraints of a sad room into this magnificent space.
– C.Y.

Mark was able to inject common sense insights… in his low key, supportive, logical style… for a nonlinear design. His renderings made concepts “come alive”.
– R.B.

Custom tear drop table sits on stainless steel pedestal and integrates with the angled island. The entertaining shape is inspired by the Joan Miro painting.

Steel and frosted glass squares and a Golden Rectangle surround the two horizontal lift up doors for maximum shelf access.

Blue glass, stainless steel cabinets, counter top, and appliances are in a unified arrangement similar to instruments in an orchestra for optimum effect. The stove and refrigerator are 24” wide.

3-dimensional cabinet depths across the kitchen lead to the open shelf, swerve, and circle surprisingly similar to Alexander Calder’s ‘Equis’. 24” stove.

Ribbed sliding glass doors begin the left to right horizontal movement, then up, left, and counter clockwise in a spiral pattern similar to the Mondrian painting. Soapstone sink and counter top.
The swerve and circle are a metaphor for steam and bubbles rising over the stove. The swerve inspired by the Brancusi ‘Bird in Flight’.

4 EYES are sized and located as eyes on Audrey Hepburn’s face.

The spiral composition movement starts with the three glass doors, then up and counterclockwise ending with the small square similar to the Matisse’s ‘Snail’. Movement and balance around the refrigerator is similar to the Calder sculpture.

Origami with boxes create sculpture as the modern Frank Gehry Guggenheim Museum, Spain. 24” stove, 18” dishwasher.

Round wall at cook top is shower on the opposite side. Burners are turned sideways to fit in shallow counter space.

Connecting the dots assures visual unity. The arc touches 4 cabinet corners to confirm the same proper radius as Vitruvian Man

Custom stainless steel counter top with faucet to the side for maximum bowl size.