Mark made me feel comfortable and relaxed and generously provided all the time we needed. He came up with ways to make the gallery lively, beautiful and personal. It was an overwhelming project for me, and he helped whittle down the choices and make decisions, and rescued me after a contractor crisis.
– B.A.

The constraints imposed by the apartment layout were severe, but that didn’t discourage him; it only sparked his creativity. He listened to what I wanted, then used his imagination and expertise.
– K.C.

Two renovations with the same client. Exhilarating angles fill the vaulted space as the refrigerator and hood cabinets intersect at the ceiling. Spiral artwork of wrought iron emulates the Nautilus seashell.

Refreshing and colorful white, without being stark and stiff. The swerve and circle provide vitality and grace as does the Brancusi sculpture. 24” stove, 18” dishwasher.

The squares are proportioned and placed as the eyes on a face with movement generated by the angled doors.

The cabinet sculpture accented by the diagonal knobs and handles has the thrust of the dancers. Adding height to the room, the arch fills the recess similar to the Guggenheim museum. Horizontal lift and swing up doors provide ease of access in this very narrow kitchen.

The red and blue tile wave backsplash and sliding glass doors create movement contraposed to the one-piece stainless steel sink and counter top. 24” stove.

Backsplash full height mirror reflects opposite wall in galley kitchen.

Biophilic design brings nature indoors to enhance our well-being with plants perched on the wrought iron shelf.

Mondrian’s red, yellow and blue on a grid inspired the lift up door arrangement in this 5’ wide kitchen renovation. Integral Corian sink, 24” stove.

‘Starry Night’, by Van Gogh is etched on glass in this galley kitchen.